Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hi Strathblane Yogis

Well done last night, particularly if it was your first time!  Practice was a little quicker this week, so slightly more challenging, but balanced out I hope by starting  to become more familiar with the postures and being able to anticipate what's coming next.

If you have a yoga block remember to try watching tv sitting on the floor on your block in one of the cross legged positions I have shown you.  Try it without back support for short periods of time to begin with and then if you need to with back support for a little longer.  (If you have back problems sit with your back against a wall or the sofa to begin with but try to sit up straight.)  Build the amount of time up gradually.  This has no end of benefits, but mostly will increase your hip flexibility, lengthen out the psoas and strengthen your core muscles all of which are compromised by lounging on soft chairs.  Give it a go, it's difficult at first but if you ease yourself into you will soon grow to enjoy it and the benefits.

See you all next week

Jo x

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