Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hi Strathblane Yogis

Lovely to see you all last night.  Hope you enjoyed class and are not too sore this morning!  The first time is quite overwhelming because it seems like there is so much to remember, but it does get easier and more enjoyable with every practice.  Keep remembering the driving analogy!!

Last nights class was a kind of overview if you like of what the practice involves.  As the weeks progress we will break down the postures using modifications to make it suitable for all levels of flexibility.  I would urge you all to give it at least a few weeks before you decide whether or not the practice is for you, it takes a few sessions to relax into and start reaping the benefits of the practice.

There was a lovely energy in the class last night and it was a real pleasure teaching you all.  I really hope to see you all again next week.

Jo x

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