Friday, 27 February 2009

One of my yoga students sent this to me the other day and I had to post it, just coz its funny!

Glasgow Yoga

On a more serious note, Allison Dearling, a fantastic CYS teacher has some workshops coming up between now and April on backbending, vinyasa and also a week of early morning mysore practice. If anyone is interested in any of these and would like more details let me know. I will hopefully be going to the backbending and vinyasa workshops.

I had a delightful yoga session with the Blanefield rainbow guides yesterday evening. They were an absolute joy and I might now be able to pluck up the courage to get some children's yoga classes up and running. I was thinking initially of doing some classes during the summer holidays. I know a few of you have been asking about children's classes so if you think your kids would like to do some classes during the Summer let me know.

See you all next week.

Jo x

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Classes Next Week

Due to the school holidays there will be no ski club classes next week. They resume week beginning Monday 23rd Feb. My evening classes are running as normal.

Jo x

Sunday, 8 February 2009

No Blanefield Class 11 February

Hello Blanefield Yogis

Just a wee reminder that there is no Blanefield Class this week as the Edmonstone Hall is being used for the school pantomime.

There are some spaces in my Monday class this week as 3 or 4 people are away with work commitments. If you would like to come on Monday instead send me a wee email.

Jo x

Friday, 6 February 2009

Silence is Golden

I was up at Mugdock park yesterday walking the dog. I do this every week and usually fire round the park, thinking about what I have to do next(normally a tesco shop!) without thinking too much about my surroundings. Shen Bowers, the Gi Gong teacher I went to a few weeks ago, was talking about how many of us are so busy worrying about what is coming next or the things that we have to or want to do in the future, that we don't live in the present, and therefore do not appreciate it enough. This really struck a chord with me as it is something I am very guilty of, other than when I am doing my yoga practice. So, with Shen's words echoing in my head, I stopped and took in my surroundings. Mugdock was absolutely beautiful in the snow and I was shocked at how much I have in the past taken its natural beauty for granted. It was so lovely I decided to sit down for a while and just do nothing. What struck me next was the silence. It was fantastic, almost deafening silence interspersed with birdsong. I wish I could have bagged it and brought it to class. It is so rare to hear silence like that. It didn't take too long, maybe 3 or 4 minutes before the silence was broken by a plane overhead, and the spell was broken, but it was quite a magical few minutes and I am glad I took the opportunity to appreciate the here and now and hope I can try to do so more often.

I am attending a Level 2 Seasonal Flow teacher training this weekend with Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd focusing on the Spring Season. Look forward to sharing it with you in class when Spring arrives.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Jo x