Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Hi everybody.  Was lovely to see you all at class this morning.  Hope you enjoyed it and that I can look forward to seeing you again next week.  We had a lovely coffee and bun in the cafe afterwards, just to replace the toxins we had sweated out!  So please do feel free if your not up to anything afterwards to come and join us.

Am up to my eyes in admin for setting up classes, there has been more involved than I had anticipated, and am just about to try and sort out a hall for a Monday evening class, so if you're hooked and fancy another session, let me know.

Will talk a bit about sitting postures next week, very important for breathing and meditation, which as you get more into the practice you might want to try out at home as well as in class.  

See you all next week, and do check into my blog regularly to see what's going on.  I will keep you up to date with my own classes and with workshops taking place that you might be interested in attending.  There are lots of fab teachers coming to the Chi Yoga Centre throughout the year.

Jo x


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

First post is always the hardest. It looks great and SO annoyed I missed the first class. Will look forward to next week though...I will need it after Sundays race and Monday!!

R x

fionaoutdoors said...

Why oh why did I not pratise on my own over the summer? Coming back to yoga after a two-month break I realise how much I enjoy yoga – and how much my body must need it. I just wish my old lady hips and shoulders would try to be just a bit more flexible...
After yesterday's fab session I ache in all those places that running and cycling can't get to (mainly my upper arms and middle of the top of my back). i must, i must keep at it..

Jo said...

Good luck in the race Sunday rachel, hope all that yoga pays off.

Fi keep at it and those hips will be like a twenty year olds!!!