Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Hi All

Hot off the press!  New class beginning Monday evenings 7.30pm at Cairns Church in Milngavie.  Starts 15th September.  The class is on a drop in basis so you can come along for a session without having to book in advance.  So if you fancy another session, (the more you do the more you will feel the benefits) come along, or maybe encourage your partners or friends to come along who maybe can't make it to a day time class.  

Incidentally, men, who often turn their noses up at the idea of yoga, really take to ashtanga style classes.  In fact my own teacher is a man. 

Class starts in Strathblane this evening.  Am hoping the class will take off as I think its great for people in outlying areas not to have to travel for these sorts of things.

See you all next week.

Jo x


Anita said...

Hi, last nights class in Blanefield was my first yoga class. I was not sure if it was my thing but I absolutely loved it. Cant wait till the next class.


Jo said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It's hard work at the beginning but it gets easier and more enjoyable with every practice.

Jo x