Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Am starting a  3 day post graduate course with David Keil, an american authorized ashtanga teacher today.  'Observations and Adjustments for Teachers'.  Am looking forward to sharing what I learn with you.  Am hoping its not going to be too physical as I was on a workshop with him on Sunday and am still smarting!

Thought I'd give you all a laugh ( it made me laugh and cringe) and post a picture of me a friend took on holiday in Munich twenty years ago and sent to me yesterday.  The hairdo will give you a laugh!  I can't believe I used to go around with hair like that!  All I can say is thank god for hair straighteners.  Don't laugh too much now!

Also here I am, more recently with my little lotus flowers.  Butter wouldn't melt.  Hoping to start childrens classes soon.  When I can muster up the courage!

Jo x


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Hey Jo,
Hope you are well.
I'll be signing up for your Tuesday morning classes at the ski club when I'm on maternity leave.
Might need lots of help to get my a*s back in shape.
Take care.
Debs x

aguswirayasa said...

hai Jo. Just wanna say hello from Bali Island, Indonesia. I'm yoga teacher too. aguswirayasa.blogspot.com
you look pretty cool. Give more photos in your blog... Wanna be my friend?

Jo said...

Hi Aguswirayasa

By the looks of your website your a very busy yoga teacher. If I'm ever in Bali I will know where to come for a class.

Om Shanti


mandymo said...

Just had a look at that picture of you in Munich!! That could easily be Sophie in a few years time- scary!
Mandy x