Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hi Level 2 yogis

Just wanted to say you all did fabulously this morning, the class was flowing, as it should, without much of a break and I was particularly impressed with the breathing you all seemed to maintain well throughout.

Hope you enjoyed the opening and closing mantras too.  I will bring the words to class next time and you can start learning them if you fancy joining in.

I was on a seasonal yoga flow course at the weekend with the fabulous Sue Wood and Julie Hanson and hope to do something a bit different with you, possibly the last week of the block.  If you want to find out a bit more about seasonal flow before then check out www.energyinseason.com 

If you have any questions or anything arising in practice that you would like an answer to please feel free to post them here, in order that we can all share, or alternatively, (if you'd rather not share! ) by e'mailing me.  

See you all next week.

Om shanti

Jo x


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Hi Jo

Great class. You could record the chants and put them on your site;-)

R x

Jo said...

Will have to think about that one, might scare people off!!!!!

fionaoutdoors said...

here's a strange thing. i began the class today feeling pretty tired and weedy. but then halfway through, despite having worked hard, i suddenly felt a woosh of energy. this feeling stayed with me right to the end of the class and for about 2 hours afterwards. it's just a pity it didn't carry on until later in the day when i was due to go for a long marathon training run! fi x

Jo said...

It's fab isn't it - that rush of energy. Yoga moves the stagnant energy in your body around. The postures open up the energy channels (nadi's) in the subtle body, which may have been blocked due to tension, bad posture etc. When they are opened up prana (energy)runs more freely throughout the body. Will talk more about this in class next week. Glad you felt it. When you can tune in to energy it brings a whole new dimension to the practice.

Jo x