Thursday, 22 January 2009

Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect - that's what my mother always told me! This certainly applies to the more challenging yoga postures. Even the most flexible of us, have postures we find difficult and which our bodies aren't ready to do yet, and my mothers mantra comes to mind at these times.

We've been having a bit of fun (at least it's my idea of fun) in the level 2 ashtanga class trying out the more challenging postures in the primary series. Rachel and Fiona have been lamenting on their blogs that they will never be able to do bhujapidasana one of the ones we were trying out and which I use as my profile picture. But here they are in the full posture having received a little helping hand from me. Keep practicing and it wont be long before your body will be ready and you'll be doing it all by yourself!!!

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Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

I am doubled with laughter on seeing this!! I was trying to remember the name of it!! So funny!