Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hi Everyone

As mentioned in my blog recently some of you have been asking me about the wii fit yoga and I asked for some feedback as I haven't used it myself. Sinead one of my students who has been doing ashtanga for some time has and has been kind enough to give me some feedback, so here it is. Jo x :

We got the wii fit mainly for kids games but I did think it
> wld be good to try as well. It certainly wldn't replace
> a yoga practice or class as it doesn't warm you up -
> you start with about 5 postures and as you get good at them
> you can unlock others to try - a lot of the postures are
> familiar to me but some new ones. The good thing is that
> the board shows where your centre of gravity is for each
> posture so u can whether although u appear to be doing the
> posture if you are actually using ur core to stablise - very
> good for me. The bad thing is it wld take a while to unlock
> enough postures to get a proper practice out of it and also
> it doesn't flow well so u don't the same mental
> focussing and relaxation cos u have to keep pressing buttons
> and the trainer keeps blabbing on when ur not interested in
> her and want to move on. I think I will use it as something
> to do every few wks to remind myself of where my centre of
> gravity is and see if my balance has improved. I don't
> think it's worth buying if you want help to practice at
> home you would be better with an ashtanga primary series dvd
> or just the photo's of the poses.

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