Thursday, 9 October 2008

Hi Everybody

First of all I'd like to say well done to Fiona my friend and level 2 yoga student who just completed the Loch Ness marathon in a fabulous time.  Amazingly she turned up at class on Tuesday morning after running the marathon on Sunday, now that's dedication!  There was a lot of ooing and aahing as her quads were very sore indeed and its the first time I've ever seen her miss out a vinyasa!  Well done Fi, for the marathon and for making it to class!

Have been getting a bit more of a chance to observe how you are all getting on in class and am pleased to see how much progress you are making.  Hope you all feel like you are starting to loosen off a bit and are gaining a bit more strength in the upper body.  Becoming more familiar with the postures and what is coming next is half the battle and you are all getting there.

Next week Ski Club classes are off but the Cairns Church and Strathblane classes are on as normal.   If you are off on holiday, I hope you have a great time.  

Jo x 

p.s.  A bit of housekeeping - Strathblane class - to keep the heat in the hall we are using the side door  (the second one along, not the one up the stairs) to gain access to the building.  We will be keeping the door open with a yoga block, please ensure after you come in that the door is still kept ajar by the block so that the next person can get in.

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