Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Never Trust The Weather in Scotland

So started the new spring flow on Monday and it was snowing outside!!! Had to happen didn't it! Still in my mind it feels like spring. Energy is on the rise and I will carry on regardless! For those of you who did flow on Monday hope you enjoyed it and that your sides weren't too sore with all that twisting! You did great.

Congratulations are due to my level 2 asthanga students who did the whole primary series for the first time on Tuesday. They were great and seemed tired but happy at the end of it. At least that was my perception of it. Maybe the glazed looks on their faces were something else!

Jo x


helen said...

It was a great class. I had a Pavlov's dog moment today though; I did some yoga and on finishing, I really, really wanted a coffee and some ginger cake. They will both for ever be associated with you and yoga. :o)

Jo said...

I'm not a great advert for the 'my body is a temple' yogi am I! Still there are worse things to be associated with. I'm definitely addicted to that gingerbread! Glad you enjoyed class was really proud of you all! Jox