Tuesday, 8 December 2009

An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Hi All

I will be running a new course focused on the fundamental elements and postures of ashtanga yoga. The course is open to everyone and will be particularly beneficial to complete beginners and to those who joined my led classes after they had been up and running for a while and perhaps missed the basics taught at the beginning. It will also be useful for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of the practice, or who just fancies going back to basics.

This 6 hour course will cover the following:

* The eight limbs of yoga
* The breathing system, 'vinyasa' (synchronized breath and movement)
* Bandhas (internal energy locks) and Drishtis (gaze points)
* The asana of the primary series will be covered in some detail to ensure they are practised correctly with close attention being paid to variations to make the practice suitable for all.

The course will provide you with a strong foundation from which to grow your practice and get more out of a led class.

So if you are coming to a led class and you don't understand any of the above, please come along, or if you know someone who has never done ashtanga before but you think would enjoy the practice please let them know.

I am hoping to the run the course in January sometime probably over two Saturdays at 3 hours a time. If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible as I will need to guage numbers interested to determine the size of space I need to let. Obviously availability of halls will determine dates but I will try to accommodate everyone as best I can.

The cost of the course will be £35, so let Santa know!

Jo x

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