Wednesday, 3 June 2009

David Keil

I am off up to Birnam this weekend to do a yoganatomy workshop with David Keil (pictured), an authorized asthanga teacher who teaches on the Chi Yoga School course. He's a great teacher and I always learn loads from his courses. He is teaching at the Chi Yoga Centre over the next few weeks, if anyone is interested in attending any of his workshops you can get details on the Chi yoga Centre website. There is a link for the Centre on my blog under 'my favourite websites'.

It's been great to the see the sunshine I'm sure you will all agree. Was way too hot for us celts on Monday and Tuesday to do any ashtanga. I hope those of you who did a Hatha yoga style class with me enjoyed it. It's good to try something new and I'm sure you will agree that holding the postures can be just as challenging as ashtanga, just in a different way.

Had a lot of new people at classes this week. Hope you enjoyed your first ever yoga session, you all did brilliantly and I hope you will give it a go for at least 6 weeks before deciding whether or not the practice is for you.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing. Hope the sun keeps shining.


p.s. Someone left a blue yoga mat at class in Strathblane this evening. I will bring it with me next week.

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Helen McGinn said...

Can't believe I missed it this week, kids off school. Looking forward to Tuesday's class, regardless of weather! Helen x